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In some scenarios, you might need to forward all traffic to an uplink port while all other ports are isolated from each other. This kind of setup is called Private VLAN configuration, the Switch will forward all Ethernet frames directly to the uplink port allowing the Router to filter unwanted packets and limit access between devices that are behind switch ports.

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To configure switch port isolation, you need to switch all required ports:


In some scenarios you might need to isolate a group of devices from other groups, this can be done using the switch port isolation feature. This is useful when you have multiple networks but you want to use a single switch, with port isolation you can allow certain switch ports to be able to communicate through only a set of switch ports. In this example devices on ether1-4 will only be able to communicate with devices that are on ether1-4, while devices on ether5-8 will only be able to communicate with devices on ether5-8 (ether1-4 is not able to communicate with ether5-8)

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To configure isolated switch groups you must first switch all ports: