MikroTik RouterOS implements RIP version 2 (RFC 2453). Version 1 (RFC 1058) is not supported.

RIP enables routers in an autonomous system to exchange routing information. It always uses the best path (the path with the fewest number of hops (i.e. routers)) available.


Sub-menu: /routing rip instance

name name of the instance
vrf ( Default: main)which VRF to use
afi (ipv4 | ipv6; Default: )specifies which afi to use.
in-filter-chain (Default: )input filter chain
out-filter-chain (Default: )output filter chain
out-filter-select (Default: )output filter select rule chain
redistribute (bgp, bgp-mpls-vpn, connected, dhcp, fantasy, modem, ospf, rip, static, vpn; Default: )which routes to redistribute
originate-default ( Default:)whether to originate default route
routing-table ( Default: main)in which routing table the routes will be added
route-timeout (Default: )route timeout
route-gc-timeout  (Default: )
update-interval (time; Default: )specifies time interval after which the route is considered invalid

Note: The maximum metric of RIP route is 15. Metric higher than 15 is considered 'infinity' and routes with such metric are considered unreachable. Thus RIP cannot be used on networks with more than 15 hops between any two routers, and using redistribute metrics larger that 1 further reduces this maximum hop count.


Sub-menu: /routing rip interface-template

name name of the instance
instancewhich VRF to use
interfaces specifies which afi to use.
source-addresses input filter chain
cost (Default: )output filter chain
split-horizon (no| yes )
poison-reverse (no| yes )
mode (passive| strict)
key-chain (name)name of key-chain
password password

Sub-menu: /routing rip interface

Read-only properties:

instance (name)name of the instance
address (address%interface )IP address and interface name


Sub-menu: /routing rip neighbor

This submenu is used to define a neighboring routers to exchange routing information with. Normally there is no need to add the neighbors, if multicasting is working properly within the network. If there are problems with exchanging routing information, neighbor routers can be added to the list. It will force the router to exchange the routing information with the neighbor using regular unicast packets.

Read-only properties:

address (IP address)IP address of neighboring router
routesamount of routes
packets-totalamount of all packets
packets-badamount of bad packets
entries-badamount of bad entries
last-update (time)time from last update

Sub-menu: /routing rip static-neighbor

instance (name)name of used instance
address (IP address)IP address of neighboring router


Sub-menu: /routing rip keys

MD5 authentication key chains.

chain (string; Default: "")chain name to place this key in. 
key (string; Default: "")authentication key. Maximal length 16 characters
key-id (integer:0..255; Default: )key identifier. This number is included in MD5 authenticated RIP messages, and determines witch key to use to check authentication for a specific message.
valid-from (date and time; Default: today's date and time: 00:00:00)key is valid from this date and time
valid-till (date and time; Default: today's date and time: 00:00:00)key is valid until this date and time

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