Graphing is a tool to monitor various RouterOS parameters over time and put collected data in graphs.

The Graphing tool can display graphics for:

  • Routerboard health (voltage and temperature)
  • Resource usage (CPU, Memory and Disk usage)
  • Traffic which is passed through interfaces
  • Traffic which is passed through simple queue

Graphing consists of two parts - the first part collects information and the other part displays data on a Web page. To access the graphics, type https://[Router_IP_address]/graphs/ and choose a graphic to display in your Web browser.

Example of memory graphs:


The configuration is done under "/tool graphing" menu, by default graphing is disabled. You can configure graphing for interfaces, resources, and simple queues in their respective submenus. 

 If simple queue has target-address set to everyone will be able to access queue graphs even if allow address is set to specific address. This happens because by default queue graphs are accessible also from the target address.

Graphing in WinBox

Winbox allows viewing the same collected information as on the web page. Open Tools->Graphing window. Double click on the entry of which you want to see graphs.

The image below shows WinBox graphs of memory usage:

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