Please set up basic settings to secure your device for unauthorized access. 

Upgrade your device to the latest RouterOS!

Step-by-step guide

Change default user name:

  1. Go to System>Users;
  2. Click on + to add a new user ;
  3. Insert name and set access rights in Group: full;
  4. Type in your secure password;
  5. Click OK and enable user;
  6. Disable default user: admin.

 Close the Winbox and login with your new username.

We recommend to restrict access by an IP address:

  1. Go to IP>Services;
  2. Double click on the Winbox line;
  3. Insert your computers local IP address or range in field Available from "";
  4. Click OK;
  5. The system will allow Winbox only for mentioned IP address.
You can disable services that you don't use as example ssh and telnet.