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A list of tracked connections can be seen in the /ip firewall connection for ipv4 and /ipv6 firewall connection for IPv6.


The default services are:

telnetTelnet service
ftpFTP service
wwwWebfig http service
sshSSH service
www-sslWebfig HTTPS service
apiAPI service
winboxResponsible for Winbox tool access, as well as Tik-App smartphone app and Dude probe
api-sslAPI over SSL service


Note that it is not possible to add new services, only existing service modifications are allowed.

address (IP address/netmask | IPv6/0..128; Default: )List of IP/IPv6 prefixes from which the service is accessible.
certificate (name; default: none)The name of the certificate used by a particular service. Applicable only for services that depend on certificates (www-ssl, api-ssl)
name (name; default: none)Service name
port (integer: 1..65535; Default: )The port particular service listens on

To restrict Winbox service access to the device only from the subnet, we have to configure the following: