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ModelTested RouterOS versionCommentsFormatPassthrough supportTechnologies
BandRich C501v5.25 and v6.0
Sierra Wireless MC7710/MC7700/MC7750v5.25, v6.0 and 6.40RC43

If modem uses firmware 3.5 it should be upgraded to firmware release in order to work in RouterOS correctly again.

Yota LU150v5.22 and v6.4Some settings are ignored. Works in Russian markets.USB?LTE
Yota WLTUBA-107v6.0Some settings are ignored. Works in Russian markets.USB?LTE
Yota wifi modemv6.7Some settings are ignored. Works in Russian markets.USB?LTE
Vodafone K4305v6.7Some settings are ignored.USB?LTE
Android usb tethering interfacev6.7Some settings are ignored.USB?LTE
ZTE MF823v6.8Some settings are ignored. For some devices it's needed to enter in FACTORY mode to change operating state.USB?LTE
ZTE MF825Av6.xxSome settings are ignored.USB?LTE
Vodafone K5160v6.37Some settings are ignored.USB?LTE
Vodafone K4201-Zv6.8Some settings are ignored. LTE interface.USB?LTE
ZTE MF827v6.8Some settings are ignored.USB?LTE
Huawei E3272v6.8Some settings are ignored. There are multiple versions of this modem. Looks like only modem with device-id="0x14db" works as LTE interface.USB?LTE
Huawei E5377v6.36.1MIFI unit. No serial support, but works with IP on LTE interfaceUSB?LTE
Huawei MU609v6.11
Huawei MU709s-2v6.28
Huawei ME909u-521v6.11
Huawei ME909s-120v6.28
SIMcom SIM7100v6.xx(ppp) v7.xx (LTE)Works! PPP interface. And starting with v7.xx it will support LTE interface. vendor-id="0x1e0e" device-id="0x9001"MiniPCI-e / USB w/ converter?LTE
Sierra wireless MC73xxv6.xx(ppp) v7.xx (LTE)Works! PPP interface. And starting with v7.xx it will support LTE interface. MC7304 tested with firmware SWI9X15C_05.05.67.00MiniPCI-eNLTE
Vodafone (Huawei) K4203v7.xxNot supported in ROS v6, but as this modem supports MBIM drivers support will be possible in ROS v7.USB?LTE
HUAWEI E3372H-320v7.xxIncompatibility issues in RouterOS v6 with all -320 Huawei modems. Works in RouterOS v7.USBYNLTE
Huawei E8372v6.28Works! LTE interface only. vendor-id="0x12d1" device-id="0x14db"USB?LTE
Telit LE910v6.xxppp interface, vendorid=0x1bc7 deviceid=0x1201MiniPCI-e?LTE
Quectel EC20/EC21v6.xxppp interface, there is page in wiki about Quactel: articleMiniPCI-e?LTE
Quectel EC25v6.39ppp/LTE interface, there is page in wiki about Quactel ppp mode: articleMiniPCI-e?LTE
Quectel EP06v6.42ppp/LTE interface, there is page in wiki about Quactel: articleMiniPCI-e?LTE
Huawei E3276-150v6.xxppp interfaceUSB?LTE
ZTE ME3630-Ev6.40RC26ppp and LTE interfaceMiniPCI-e?LTE
Jaton MT421ev6.40RC32LTE interface with Ethernet emulation (no configuration possible), LTE supported bands 42/43MiniPCI-e?LTE
Huawei E5673s-609v6.xxLTE interfaceUSB?LTE
Novatel USB730Lv6.41RC6LTE interfaceUSB?LTE
Alcatel IK40v6.41RC11LTE interface, Modem can be configured only through modems configuration WEB page.USB?LTE
Olivetti Olicard 500v6.41RC11ppp interfaceUSB?LTE
Netgear Unite Explore 815Sv6.41MIFI unit. No serial support, but works with IP on LTE interface.USBYLTE
R11e-LTEv6.39.2LTE interface. Supports multiple APN passthrough.MiniPCI-eYLTE
SXT LTEv6LTE interface. Old version of SXT LTEBuilt-inNLTE
SXT LTE kitv6.42LTE interface from R11e-LTE/R11e-LTE-US mini-pcie moduleBuilt-inYLTE
Quectel UC15v6.xxWorks, ppp interfaceMiniPCI-e
Quectel UC20v6.xxWorks, ppp interfaceMiniPCI-e
SIMcom SIM5360v6.xxWorks! Using PPP interface, vendor-id="0x05c6" device-id="0x9000"MiniPCI-e / USB w/ converter
Huawei E171v6.xxWorks! ppp interface, vendorid=0x12d1 deviceid=0x140cUSB
D-link DWM-157v6.xxWorks! Data Channel: 2, Info Channel: 3,Modem Init: AT+CFUN=1, vendor-id="0x2001" device-id="0x7d02" Some info from modem: > H/W Ver.: B1, F/W Ver.: 2.0.1eu, revision: +CGMR: MOLY.WR8.W1231.DC.WG.MP.V3, 2013/04/09 02:08 Different HW revisions might not work with RouterOSUSB
AnyData ADU-E630WHv6( aka "USB Wireless HSDPA/UMTS 2.1GHz GSM/GPRS/EGPRS 900/17000MHz/CDMA 1x EVDO Rev.A")USB
Ericsson F5521gwv6.x and higher
ZTE AC5730v6.x
Huawei E153v6.31< and higher
ZTE MF110v6.28 and higherSet info channel = 2, data channel = 2, Dial command=ATM1L3DTUSB
ZTE 821Dv6.xSet Info channel = 1, Data channel = 3, Dial command=ATDTUSB
Huawei E3531v6.24 or 6.40RC25There are different versions of this modem E3531-6 works from version 6.40RC25 as ppp, mbim supported only from RouterOS V7USB
Huawei E3351v6.24 and higher
Dell Wireless 5530 HSPAv6.1 and higherData channel 0, Info channel 0, init: AT+CFUN=1 (needs manualy change profile by command AT*ENAP=1,1)MiniPCI-e
Telecom NZ T-Stick ZTE MF-181v6.0rc13Data Channel=2, Info Channel=2, APN, PHONE=*99#. Tested ok for both data and SMS on CCR1016-12GUSB
Sierra Wireless MC7430v6.xx and higherData channel 2, Info channel 2, Modem init: AT+CGATT=0, Dial-command: AT+CGATT=1;D*99#, also needs 3.0 pins isolated (PINS:23,25,27,31,33)MiniPCI-e
Sierra Netgear AirCard 320U6.41Customer tested the modem with firmware 03.05.23USBNLTE
Huawei e398v6.xx and higherppp interfaceUSB
Huawei e3131v6.xx and higherppp interfaceUSB
ZTE MF90v6.44beta32 and higherLTE interfaceUSBNLTE
Telit LM940v6.44LTE interface in some cases needs 3.0 pins isolated (PINS:23,25,27,29,31,33)MiniPCI-eYLTE
Telit LM960v6.46LTE interface in some cases needs 3.0 pins isolated (PINS:23,25,27,29,31,33)MiniPCI-eYLTE
Telit LE910C1v6.46Non-configurable from RouterOSMiniPCI-e