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Access list provides multiple ways of filtering and managing wireless connections.

RouterOS will check each new connection to see if its parameters match parameters specified in any access list rule. This will happen when a connection is established and periodically after that.

The rules are checked in the order they appear in the list. Only management actions specified in the first matching rule are applied to the connectioneach connection.

Connections, which have been accepted by an access list rule, will be periodically checked, to see if they remain within the permitted time and signal-range. If they do not, they will be terminated.


Take care when writing access list rules which reject clients. After being repeatedly rejected by an AP, a client device may start avoiding it.


Filtering parameters
allow-signal-out-of-range (time period)

Modifies the signal-range parameter to still match established connections for a given length of time, even if their signal is outside the specified range.

Default: 0s.

interface (interface|interface-list|'any')Match interface (interface | interface-list | 'any')Match if connection takes place on the specified interface or interface belonging to specified list. Default: any.
mac-address (MAC address)Match if the client device has the specified MAC address. No default value.
mac-address-mask (MAC address)

Modifies the mac-address parameter to match if it is equal to the result of performing bit-wise AND operation on the client MAC address and the given address mask.

Default: FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF (i.e. client's MAC address must match value of mac-address exactly)

signal-range (min..max)Match if the strength of received signal from the client device is within the given range. Default: '-120..120'
ssid-regexp (regex)Match if the given regular expression matches the SSID.
time (start-end,days)Match during the specified time of day and (optionally) days of week. Default: 0s-1d


Action parameters
allow-signal-out-of-range (time period | 'always')

The length of time which a connected peer's signal strength is allowed to be outside the range required by the signal-range parameter, before it is disconnected.

If the value is set to 'always', peer signal strength is only checked during association.

Default: 0s.

action (accept | reject | query-radius)

Whether to authorize a connection

  • accept - new connections are accepted, established connections are maintainedreject - new connections are rejected, established connections are interruptedconnection is allowed
  • reject - connection is not allowed
  • query-radius - new connections are accepted   connection is allowed if MAC address authentication of the client's MAC address succeeds

Default: accept

passphrase (string)Override the default passphrase with given value. No default value.
radius-accounting (no | yes)Override the default RADIUS accounting policy with given value. No default value.

MAC address authentication

Implemented through the query-radius action, MAC address authentication is a way to implement a centralized whitelist of client MAC addresses using a RADIUS server.