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  • (Optional) Install the device in a case.
  • Connect cables to wireless cards and Ethernet ports.
  • Plug-in power cable (directly or through the PoE injector) to turn on the device, please see powering paragraph.
  • The Initial connection has to be done via the Ethernet cable, using the MikroTik Winbox utility. Winbox should be used to connect to the default IP address of with the username admin and no password.
  • We recommend clicking the "Check for updates" button and updating your RouterOS software to the latest version to ensure the best performance and stability,
  • Choose your country, to apply country regulation settings (if applicable), and set up your password on the screen that loads.

Wiki Markup
* Insert the miniPCIe and M.2 cards (not included) and secure them with the included screws. 
\[Only one 802.11 wireless card can be used at once\]. It is suggested to use the other slot for LTE modems. Please see [MiniPCIe slot usage|#MiniPCIe slot usage|outline] paragraph.


M33G for professional use. Each of the devices comes in ESD protective packaging. When handling electrical equipment please observe the following safety precautions: