The profiler tool shows CPU usage for each process running in RouterOS. It helps to identify which process is using most of the CPU resources.
Watch our video about this feature.

[admin@MikroTik] > /tool/profile

On multi-core systems, the tool allows specifying per core CPU usage.

"CPU" parameter allows specifying integer number which represents a core or two of predefined values all and total:

  • total - this value sets to show the sum of all core usages;
  • all - value sets to show CPU usages separately for every available core

In the following example we will take a look at both predefined values:

[admin@MikroTik] > /tool/profile cpu=all 
NAME             CPU        USAGE       
ethernet         1          0%          
kvm              0          0%          
kvm              1          4.5%        
management       0          0%          
management       1          0.5%        
idle             0          100%        
idle             1          93%         
profiling        0          0%          
profiling        1          2%    

[admin@MikroTik] > /tool profile cpu=total 
NAME             CPU        USAGE       
ethernet         all        0%          
console          all        0%          
kvm              all        2.7%        
management       all        0%          
idle             all        97.2%       
profiling        all        0%          
bridging         all        0%  


Profile classifies processes in several classifiers. Most of them are self-explanatory and do not require detailed explanations.

backupCPU usage of the Backup service
bfdCPU usage of the BFD service
bgpCPU usage of the BGP service
bridgingCPU usage of the Bridging service
btestCPU usage of the process by running a Bandwidth test.
certificateCPU usage of the Certificate service
consoleCPU usage of the Console
dhcpCPU usage of the DHCP-Server and DHCP-Client services
diskCPU usage of the storage-related services
dnsCPU usage of the DNS-related services
dudeCPU usage using The Dude package services
e-mailCPU usage of the e-mail tool
encryptingCPU usage of the encrypting processes
eoipCPU usage by the EoIP
ethernetCPU usage of the Ethernet-related properties like link speed, auto-negotiation, duplex mode, monitor a transceiver diagnostic information, etc.
fetcherCPU usage of the Fetch tool
firewallCPU usage by the Firewall-related processes
firewall-mgmtCPU usage by the Firewall Management: Filtering, NAT, Mangle
flashDisplays the CPU usage of the storage-related services
ftpCPU usage by the FTP Service
gpsCPU usage by the GPS Service
graphingCPU usage of the Graphing tool
greCPU usage by the GRE
healthCPU usage by the system monitoring, workd health
hotspotCPU usage by the Hotspot service
idleFree CPU resources
igmp-proxyCPU usage by the IGMP Proxy service
internet-detectCPU usage by the Detect Internet tool
ip-poolCPU usage by the IP Pool service
ipsecCPU usage by the IPsec service
kvmCPU usage by the KVM virtual machine functionality
l7-matcherCPU usage by the L7 matcher
lcdCPU usage by the LCD Interfaces system
ldpCPU usage by the Label Distribution Protocol (LDP)
loggingCPU usage by the Logging system
managementCPU usage by the different subsystems: scheduler, networking, file management, etc.
mplsCPU usage by the MPLS-related features
networkingCPU usage of the common set of services included in the networking
ntpCPU usage by the NTP service
ospfCPU usage by the OSPF service
pimCPU usage by the Protocol Independent Multicast
profilingCPU usage by the Profiler service
queue-mgmtCPU usage by the Queues: Simple queues, Queue tree, Queue types
queuingCPU usage by the Intermediate Queuing
radiusCPU usage by the RADIUS service
radvCPU usage by the IPv6 radv daemon log messages service
remote-accessCPU usage  during accessing the device directly without logging into RouterOS
ripCPU usage by the Routing Information Protocol
routingCPU usage by the Routing-related services
serialCPU usage by the serial console and terminal tool
sniffingCPU usage by the packet Sniffer tool
snmpCPU usage by the SNMP
socksCPU usage by the Socket Secure
spiCPU usage of the storage-related services
sshCPU usage by the SSH Server
sslCPU usage by the SSL
supout.rifCPU usage by the SSL
telnetCPU usage by the Telnet service
tftpCPU usage by the TFTP service
traffic-accountingCPU usage by the Traffic-Flow log system
traffic-flowCPU usage by the Traffic-Flow system
unclassifiedCPU usage by the processes or services that are not defined by this classifier
upnpCPU usage by the UPnP protocol
usbCPU usage by the USB features
user-managerCPU usage by the User Manager service
vrrpCPU usage by the VRRP
web-proxyCPU usage by the Web Proxy
winboxCPU usage by the Winbox
wireguardCPU usage by the Wireguard
wirelessCPU usage of the common set of services using Wireless systems
wwwCPU usage by the Webfig HTTP service
zerotierCPU usage by the ZeroTier

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