The profiler tool shows CPU usage for each process running in RouterOS. It helps to identify which process is using most of the CPU resources.
Watch our video about this feature.

[admin@MikroTik] > /tool/profile

On multi-core systems, the tool allows specifying per core CPU usage.

"CPU" parameter allows specifying integer number which represents a core or two of predefined values all and total:

  • total - this value sets to show the sum of all core usages;
  • all - value sets to show CPU usages separately for every available core

In the following example we will take a look at both predefined values:

[admin@MikroTik] > /tool/profile cpu=all 
NAME             CPU        USAGE       
ethernet         1          0%          
kvm              0          0%          
kvm              1          4.5%        
management       0          0%          
management       1          0.5%        
idle             0          100%        
idle             1          93%         
profiling        0          0%          
profiling        1          2%    

[admin@MikroTik] > /tool profile cpu=total 
NAME             CPU        USAGE       
ethernet         all        0%          
console          all        0%          
kvm              all        2.7%        
management       all        0%          
idle             all        97.2%       
profiling        all        0%          
bridging         all        0%  


RouterOS processes are classified by type and the CPU usage for each type is displayed separately for ease of debugging.

backupBackup service
bfdBFD service
bgpBGP service
bridgingBridging service
btestBandwidth test.
certificateCertificate service
containercombined container usage
dhcpDHCP-Server and DHCP-Client services
diskstorage-related services
dnsDNS-related services
dudeThe Dude package services
e-maile-mail tool
encryptingencrypting processes
ethernetEthernet-related properties like link speed, auto-negotiation, duplex mode, monitor a transceiver diagnostic information, etc.
fetcherFetch tool
firewallFirewall-related processes
firewall-mgmtFirewall Management: Filtering, NAT, Mangle
flashstorage-related services
ftpFTP Service
gpsGPS Service
graphingGraphing tool
healthsystem monitoring, workd health
hotspotHotspot service
idleFree CPU resources
igmp-proxyIGMP Proxy service
internet-detectDetect Internet tool
ip-poolIP Pool service
ipsecIPsec service
kvmKVM virtual machine functionality
l7-matcherL7 matcher
lcdLCD Interfaces system
ldpLabel Distribution Protocol (LDP)
loggingLogging system
managementdifferent subsystems: scheduler, networking, file management, etc.
mplsMPLS-related features
networkingcommon set of services included in the networking
ntpNTP service
ospfOSPF service
pimProtocol Independent Multicast
profilingProfiler service
queue-mgmtQueues: Simple queues, Queue tree, Queue types
queuingIntermediate Queuing
radiusRADIUS service
radvIPv6 radv daemon log messages service
remote-accessaccessing the device directly without logging into RouterOS
ripRouting Information Protocol
routingRouting-related services
serialserial console and terminal tool
sniffingpacket Sniffer tool
socksSocket Secure
spistorage-related services
sshSSH Server
supout.rifsupout.rif file generation
telnetTelnet service
tftpTFTP service
traffic-accountingTraffic-Flow log system
traffic-flowTraffic-Flow system
unclassifiedprocesses or services that are not defined by this classifier
upnpUPnP protocol
usbUSB features
user-managerUser Manager service
web-proxyWeb Proxy
wirelesscommon set of services using Wireless systems
wwwWebfig HTTP service

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