IP Scan tool allows a user to scan networks based on some network prefix or by setting an interface to listen to. Either way, the tool collects certain data from the network:

  • address - IP address of network device;
  • mac-address - MAC address of network device;
  • time - response time of seen network device when found;
  • DNS - DNS name of a network device;
  • SNMP - SNMP name of the device;
  • NET-BIOS  - NET-BIOS name of device if advertised by the device;

When using IP scan tool user must choose what they want to scan for:

  • certain IPv4 prefix - the tool will attempt to scan all the IP addresses or addresses set;
  • the interface of the router - the tool will attempt to listen to packets that are "passing by" and attempt to compile results when something is found;

There is a possibility to set both but then results may be inconclusive!

Quick Example

In the following example, we will scan the devices on network:

[admin@MikroTik] > /tool ip-scan address-range=
  ADDRESS         MAC-ADDRESS        TIM  SNMP    E4:8D:8C:1C:D3:18  2ms  CCR1036-8G-2S+                     2ms      E4:8D:8C:49:49:DB  1ms      6C:3B:6B:48:0E:8B  1ms  750Gr3    CC:2D:E0:8D:01:88  0ms  CRS328-24P-4S+  B8:69:F4:B3:1B:D2  0ms      6C:3B:6B:ED:83:69  0ms      6C:3B:6B:ED:81:83  0ms

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