Step-by-step guide

On Windows systems:

On Linux, FreeBSD, or MacOS systems:

  • Warning! Double check the correct device address, dd can destroy data irreversibly!

  • Connect the USB drive and find its device address

    • MacOS use

      diskutil list
    • Linux/ FreeBSD

      fdisk -l
  • Write the image to disk using dd:

    dd if=<your_downloaded_routeros_ISO> of=<disk_address> bs=1M status=progress oflag=sync
  • After finishing, connect your USB to your x86 system and boot the USB.

  • Proceed with the installation process by choosing "i" on your keyboard.

  • After reboot, you will have x86 installed. 

Boot priorities should be changed in your BIOS settings. If RouterOS will be installed on the NVMe drive - USB has to be booted in UEFI mode.

Make sure that CSM (Compatibility Support Module) support is disabled in the BIOS boot tab.