The device fails to detect a new version or shows a different version than it is available on

An example:

Error rendering macro 'code': Invalid value specified for parameter '[Ljava.lang.Object;@18e8766f'
/system routerboard print
 	   routerboard: yes
        board-name: RB1100AHx4 Dude Edition
             model: RB1100Dx4
     serial-number: 7932077E32C4
     firmware-type: al2
  factory-firmware: 3.36.3
  current-firmware: 7.11.2
  upgrade-firmware: 7.11.2

/system package update check-for-updates
            channel: stable
  installed-version: 7.11.2
     latest-version: 7.11.3
             status: New version is available


Please make sure your device is resolving correctly our upgrade servers.

Login to your device and follow these steps:

  1. :put [:resolve]
  2. Check what addresses are returned. Must be any one of the following addresses:
  3. If not, revise your DNS settings, follow the article for more information: DNS