Is it possible to install an older version of RouterOS on my device? What versions can be used?


Yes, you can downgrade RouterOS, but only until the factory installed version, which you can check with this command:


uptime: 4w4d18h21m5s
            version: 6.49.6 (stable)
         build-time: Apr/07/2022 17:53:31
   factory-software: 6.45.9

The factory-software is the oldest version supported by this device.

Before contemplating a downgrade procedure, remember that older versions can contain bugs and security issues.

Follow these steps to downgrade to an older version
  1. Make sure you have all npk packages of the same architecture type as your device.
  2. Upload the older version npk files to the device with FTP, Webfig or Winbox.
  3. Issue the command line command /system/package/downgrade