1. Connect to your host device with an rj45 Ethernet connector end.
  2. Secure grounding to your rackmount or other preferable grounded source.
  3. Use an Ethernet cable to connect with the device on the mast to deliver PoE.
  4. Apply power using the power adapter.


It is possible to attach the device to a wall or mast using the provided bracket:

  • Guide screw through a bracket and secure it to the wall, use dowel depending on the wall material.
  • Clip the device to the bracket.

Please connect the grounding cable to the well-grounded source.

LED status

The device has an LED indicating the active status of the connected Ethernet port.


The package includes the following accessories that come with the device:

  • SET1_ K-78 fastening set

Note. The information contained here is subject to change. Please visit the product page on for the most up to date version of this document.