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Protocol Independent Multicast - Sparse Mode (PIM-SM or PIM) enables RouterOS to support multicast streaming over the network area. Several configured PIM routers together will make multicast cloud where client devices can use IGMP to manage subscriptions to the streams. PIM should be used when network topology is complex or stream sources are connected to multicast cloud. Continuous cloud must have configured unique rendezvous point for multicast group or groups and other participants should know how to reach rendezvous point. In a simple case where on the part of the network only potential clients may reside and there are no stream sources, then IGMP proxy can be used instead to preserve resources.

Basic PIM-SM Example

Property Reference



bootstrap router candidate configuration


Rendezvous point candidate configuration, when RP is elected for multicast group



Configuration of interface of the router that will participate in multicast network. Interfaces that are not configured here (or in IGMP-Proxy) will discard multicast packets.


This menu only allows to see information about multicast routers that are reachable within one Ethernet from all interfaces participating in multicast routing. This list is created and updated automatically according to state of multicast network.


Rendezvous point (RP) is a distribution point for multicast group, source provides its data to it, and if there are any subscribers, then RP will provide data to client. Note, that RP will always receive data stream if that exists.




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