Items needed for the setup:

1) A Mikrotik device with a USB or RS232 port;
2) USB or RS232 cable;
3) APC UPS with a USB port.

Step-by-step guide

Connecting and configuring the device.

  1. Connect your MikroTik device with your computer;
  2. Connect a USB or RS232 cable from your MikroTik device to your APC UPS;
  3. Go to System > Packages, check if UPS package is installed, if not, you can find the packages on;
  4. Go to System > UPS, click add button;
  5. Enter the name of the UPS;
  6. Select port;
  7. Set offline time and min run time, depending on the device model;
  8. Set the preferred alarm setting.

Configuring alarm monitor.

  1. Go to System > Logging and choose Actions tab, click, add button;
  2. Add a name, type: email, add preferred e-mail address;
  3. Select the Rules tab, click add;
  4. Choose Topics: UPS, select Action: email.