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address (string; Default: )IP address of the device to copy file from.
as-value (set | not-set; Default: not-set)Store the output in a variable, should be used with the output property.
ascii (yes | no; Default: no)Can be used with FTP and TFTP
check-certificate (yes | yes-without-crl | no; Default: no)

Enables trust chain validation from local certificate store. yes-without-crl, validates the certificate, not performing CRL check (certificate revocation list)

dst-path (string; Default: )Destination filename and path
host (string; Default: )

A domain name or virtual domain name (if used on a website, from which you want to copy information). For example,

In this example the resolved ip address is the same (, but hosts are different.
http-method (|delete|get|post|put; Default: get)the HTTP method to use
http-data (string; Default: )the data, that is going to be sent, when using PUT or POST methods
http-header-field (string; Default: *empty*)list of all header fields and their values, in the form of http-header-field=h1:fff,h2:yyy
http-content-encoding (deflate|gzip; Default: *empty*)Encodes the payload using gzip or deflate compression and adds a corresponding Content-Encoding header. Usable for HTTP POST and PUT only.
keep-result (yes | no; Default: yes)If yes, creates an input file.
mode (ftp|http|tftp {!} https; Default: http)Choose the protocol of connection - http, https , ftp or tftp.
output (none|file|user; Default: file)Sets where to store the downloaded data.
  • none - do not store downloaded data
  • file - store downloaded data in a file
  • user - store downloaded data in the data variable (variable limit is 64Kb)
password (string; Default: anonymous)Password, which is needed for authentication to the remote device.
port (integer; Default: )Connection port.
src-path (string; Default: )Title of the remote file you need to copy.
upload (yes | no; Default: no)Only (S)FTP modes support uploads. If enabled then fetch will be used to upload files to a remote server. Requires src-path and dst-path parameters to be set.
url (string; Default: )URL pointing to file. Can be used instead of address and src-path parameters.
user (string; Default: anonymous)User name, which is needed for authentication to the remote device.