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Settings tab provides basic configuration for Woobm-USB device. The basic settings part provide serial port, button, LED, and wireless general settings


Identity (string; Default: Mikrotik)Device identity is used for the DHCP client as the 'hostname' parameter when reporting it to the DHCP server and for neighbor discovery.
Telnet port (integer; Default: 23)Port used for incoming telnet requests
Baud-rate (integer; Default: 115200)Baud rate used for serial communication. Should match a host device.
Data bits (; Default: 8)
Parity (; Default: None bits)
Stopbits (integer; Default: 1)
Web conn. timeout (integer; Default: 2400)
WPS enabled (On/off; Default: On)
Set the default settings with a button (On/off; Default: On)
Device greeting (On/off; Default: On)
Force echo (On/off; Default: On)
Ignore telnet commands (On/off; Default: On)
Status LEDs enabled (On/off; Default: On)
802.11 mode (; Default: default)

WiFi Station settings part provides settings wireless for Woobm-USB in client mode.

SSID (string; Default: )Provide SSID of nearby Access Point, or use scan function.
Password (string; Default: )WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK
SSID MAC (MAC; Default: )
Station MAC (MAC; Default: )
IP address (IP; Default: )
Gateway (IP; Default: )
Netmask (IP; Default: )

WiFi AP settings part provides wireless settings for Woobm-USB in Access Point mode.

SSID (string; Default: )SSID of Woobm-USB Access Point
Password (string; Default: )WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK
Channel (; Default: 6)Wireless channel used for AP
Auth. mode (; Default: )
Hidden (On/Off; Default: Off)
Max conn (1 to 4; Default: 4)Maximum allowed clients to Access Point.
Beacon interval (100 to 60000; Default: 100)How often Access point broadcasts AP information.
IP address (IP; Default:
Gateway (IP; Default: )
Netmask (IP; Default: )
AP MAC (MAC; Default: )
DHCP Enabled (On/Off; Default: On)Enable/disable DHCP server
IP range start (IP; Default:
IP range end (IP; Default:
IP lease time (; Default: 120)

Upgrade firmware

Use the upgrade firmware tab for manual firmware upgrade.