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General properties

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/ip upnp

allow-disable-external-interface (yes | no ; Default: yes)whether or not should the users are allowed to disable the router's external interface. This functionality (for users to be able to turn the router's external interface off without any authentication procedure) is required by the standard, but as it is sometimes not expected or unwanted in UPnP deployments which the standard was not designed for (it was designed mostly for home users to establish their own local networks), you can disable this behavior
enabled (yes | no ; Default: no)Enable UPnP service
show-dummy-rule (yes | no ; Default: yes)Enable a workaround for some broken implementations, which are handling the absence of UPnP rules incorrectly (for example, popping up error messages). This option will instruct the server to install a dummy (meaningless) UPnP rule that can be observed by the clients, which refuse to work correctly otherwise