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MikroTik devices are for professional use. If you do not have qualifications please seek a consultant

Depending on the antenna used, you must set its gain. This is to ensure that EIRP meets the limit set by the local authorities. This is done in the Quickset, CPE menu.

First steps:

  • Open the upper cover and connect an external antenna.
  • Open the bottom cover and connect the device to the power source.
  • Open network connections on your PC, search for MikroTik wireless network, and connect to it.
  • The configuration can be done through the wireless network using a WinBox configuration tool
  • Download and open "Winbox", choose "Neighbors" to find the device.
  • Click on the MAC address, user name: admin and there is no password, click Connect.
  • Download the latest "ARM" packages to your PC
  • Upload downloaded packages to the Winbox "Files" menu and reboot the device. 
  • In the "QuickSet, WISP AP" menu set up the following: Choose your country, to apply country regulation settings.
  • Set the antenna gain, depending on the antenna used.
  • Set up your wireless network password in the left field.
  • Set up your router password in the bottom field.