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N/A - Feature not yet available

OK - Initial tests successful

NOK - initial tests not successful

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  • Yellow - partially working
  • Green - Working
  • Red - Not working at the moment



Convert route rules after upgrade from v6.xN/A
IPv4 Route RulesOK
IPv6 Router RulesNOK
ECMP flagsOK
recursive route over ipv6 LL addressOK
3 level recursive gateway with ECMP OK
IPv6 connected ECMP


Addresses from same subnet to multiple interfacesNOK
Show time when route was last updatedN/A
Check GatewayPing OK, ARP NOK (works as ping), BFD NOK (not implemented)
Scope and target scopeOK
IPv4 Mangle routing-markOK
IPv6 Mangle routing-markNOK (Added but does not work at the moment)
Packet SRC address

NOK (wrong src is picked for locally originated pacekets)

Routing-table parameter for ping and telnetNOK
Show if route is harware acceleratedN/A
Custom route selection policy N/A
IPv4 with IPv6 nexthops and RFC5549N/A

Routing InstanceOK
Some kind of mechanism to import/export routes from one vrf to another within same routerN/A

Convert OSPF config from v6 to v7 after upgradeN/A
OSPF neigbors in in NSSA AreaCannot establish adjacency
OSPF in boadcast networkDoes not work with more than 2 neighbors
OSPF with routing filtersOK
OSPF Virtual LinkOK
BGP and OSPF SNMP monitoringN/A

Convert BGP config from v6 to v7 after upgradeN/A
BGP Templates and dynamic peersOK
BGP connect listen on networkOK
BGP guess remote.asOK
Show from which peer route receivedOK ( /routing/route/print detail --> belongs-to)
BGP Address FamiliesCurrently only IPv4, IPv6
BGP input.accept-*Does not work right after peer established, need to resend routes
eBGP nexthop selfOK
Input FilterOK
Output FilterOK
BGP Local addess auto selectionOK
BGP route reflectOK
BGP route serverOK
BGP Roles
BGP peer-cache uptime in "established" stateN/A

BGP Flow SpecFlow spec attributes are forwarded
BGP SelectionOK

BGP Selection (Multipath)N/A
BGP ConfederationN/A
BGP AggregationN/A
Discard prefix RTBH  rfc 6666N/A
AS-wide Unique BGP Identifier RFC 6286N/A

RPKI sessionOK
RPKI possibility to view received info of specific prefixN/A
RPKI show connection statusN/A

Convert routing filters after upgrade from v6.xN/A
Routing filter chain drop by default without rulesOK
Routing filter prefix match


Routing filter protocol matchMissing other protocols like modem DHCP etc (these routes are not matched by "static")
Routing filter append communitiesOK
Routing filter append large communityOK
Routing filter set weight"sub, add" does not work if attribute has default unset value, if attribute is not set then default value should be assumed.
Routing filter set local pref"sub, add" does not work if attribute has default unset value, default value should be 100 if not set.
Routing filter set MED"sub,add" should assume default value. 
Routing filter set originOK
Routing filter set igp metric from OSPF cost Can be set with set-num-prop=bgp-igp-metric<add>ospf-ext-metric or ospf-metric, but what to do if it is not possible to guess which metric to use?
Routing filter match prefix with address listOK
Routing filter match community/large community listsOK
Routing filter add prefix to address listN/A
Routing filter validate prefix with RPKIOK
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