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Mesh Properties

admin-mac (MAC address; Default: 00:00:00:00:00:00)administratively assigned MAC address, used when auto-mac setting is disabled
arp (disabled | enabled | proxy-arp | reply-only; Default: enabled)Address Resolution Protocol setting
auto-mac (boolean; Default: no)if disabled, then value from admin-mac will be used as the MAC address of the mesh interface; else address of some port will be used if ports are present
hwmp-default-hoplimit (integer: 1..255; Default: )maximum hop count for generated routing protocol packets; after a HWMP+ packet is forwarded "hoplimit" times, it is dropped
hwmp-prep-lifetime (time; Default: 5m)lifetime for routes created from received PREP or PREQ messages
hwmp-preq-destination-only (boolean; Default: yes)whether only destination can respond to HWMP+ PREQ message
hwmp-preq-reply-and-forward (boolean; Default: yes)whether intermediate nodes should forward HWMP+ PREQ message after responding to it. Useful only when hwmp-preq-destination-only is disabled
hwmp-preq-retries (integer; Default: 2)how many times to retry a route discovery to a specific MAC address before the address is considered unreachable
hwmp-preq-waiting-time (time; Default: 4s)how long to wait for a response to the first PREQ message. Note that for subsequent PREQs the waiting time is increased exponentially
hwmp-rann-interval (time; Default: 10s)how often to send out HWMP+ RANN messages
hwmp-rann-lifetime (time; Default: 1s)lifetime for routes created from received RANN messages
hwmp-rann-propagation-delay (number; Default: 0.5)how long to wait before propagating a RANN message. Value in seconds
mesh-portal (boolean; Default: no)whether this interface is a portal in the mesh network
mtu (number; Default: 1500)maximum transmission unit size
name (string; Default: )interface name
reoptimize-paths (boolean; Default: no)whether to send out periodic PREQ messages asking for known MAC addresses. Turing on this setting is useful if network topology is changing often. Note that if no reply is received to a reoptimization PREQ, the existing path is kept anyway (until it timeouts itself)

Configure mesh interface ports

Sub-menu: /interface mesh port

Port Properties

active-port-type (read-only: wireless | WDS | ethernet-mesh | ethernet-bridge | ethernet-mixed; Default: )port type and state actually used
hello-interval (time; Default: 10s)maximum interval between sending out HWMP+ Hello messages. Used only for Ethernet type ports
interface (interface name; Default: )interface name, which is to be included in a mesh
mesh (interface name; Default: )mesh interface this port belongs to
path-cost (integer: 0..65535; Default: 10)path cost to the interface, used by routing protocol to determine the 'best' path
port-type (WDS | auto | ethernet | wireless; Default: )port type to use
  • auto - port type is determined automatically based on the underlying interface's type
  • WDS - a Wireless Distribution System interface. Remote MAC address is learnt from wireless connection data
  • ethernet - Remote MAC addresses are learnt either from HWMP+ Hello messages or from source MAC addresses in received or forwarded traffic
  • wireless - Remote MAC addresses are learnt from wireless connection data

Mesh fdb Status

Sub-menu: /interface mesh fdb


mac-address (MAC address)MAC address corresponding for this FDB entry
seq-number (integer)sequence number used in routing protocol to avoid loops
type (integer)sequence number used in routing protocol to avoid loops
interface (local | outsider | direct | mesh | neighbor | larval | unknown)type of this FDB entry
  • local -- MAC address belongs to the local router itself
  • outsider -- MAC address belongs to a device external to the mesh network
  • direct -- MAC address belongs to a wireless client on an interface that is in the mesh network
  • mesh -- MAC address belongs to a device reachable over the mesh network; it can be either internal or external to the mesh network
  • neighbor -- MAC address belongs to a mesh router that is direct neighbor to this router
  • larval -- MAC address belongs to an unknown device that is reachable over the mesh network
  • unknown -- MAC address belongs to an unknown device
mesh (interface name)the mesh interface this FDB entry belongs to
on-interface (interface name)mesh port used for traffic forwarding, kind of a next-hop value
lifetime (time)time remaining to live if this entry is not used for traffic forwarding
age (time)age of this FDB entry
metric (integer)metric value used by routing protocol to determine the 'best' path

Additional wireless configuration

Use wds-default-cost and wds-cost-range wireless interface parameters for controlling the metric that is used in the routing protocol. The WDS cost will be used as path-cost for ports dynamically added to the mesh interface.

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