You are welcome to become an official MikroTik consultant, but please acknowledge that you are familiar with the importance of your responsibilities as an official consultant.

You will be listed on our webpage, along with your phone number, where anyone can call you at any time of day to ask for assistance in configuring computer networks. We reserve the right to remove you from our webpage if you are unreachable or are unable to assist the companies which might contact you.

Make sure you fill out all the details about yourself in your account settings, such as the description of your services, fields of expertise and contact details. Your physical location is also very important, as many jobs will require on-site support.

You are free to set your own consultation fee and negotiate it upon the first contact with the customer.

The consultant list is sorted by the sum of your valid certificate grades, and also factors in if you have attended the local MUM events, have ever presented a live presentation on stage if you are a helpful forum member (a minimum of 150 posts with positive rating).

If you agree to all of the above, please log into your account, and mark the checkbox "Publicly list my services as a technical consultant".

After you have done this, a new section will appear, where you must fill the contact details and services. Don't forget to include your photo. The listing will be submitted for approval by the MikroTik staff. This will take a few day's time.